Faculty Profile for Dr. Togay Ozbakkaloglu

profile photo for Dr. Togay Ozbakkaloglu
Dr. Togay Ozbakkaloglu
Professor — Ingram School of Engineering
RFM 5200
phone: (512) 245-0810

Selected Scholarly/Creative Work

  • Ozbakkaloglu, T. (n.d.). BA (2014).“Axial compressive behavior of FRP-concrete-steel double-skin tubular columns made of normal-and high-strength concrete.”
  • Ozbakkaloglu, T. (n.d.). BA, and Ozbakkaloglu, T.(2013).“Compressive behavior of aramid FRP-HSC-steel double-skin tubular columns.”
  • Pour, A. F., Ozbakkaloglu, T., Gholampour, A., & Zheng, J. (n.d.). FRP-CONFINED HIGH-STRENGTH CONCRETE UNDER ECCENTRIC COMPRESSION.
  • Gholampour, A., Keshtegar, B., & Ozbakkaloglu, T. (n.d.). RELIABILITY ANALYSIS OF FRP-CONFINED CONCRETE TEST DATABASES.
  • Gholampour, A., & Ozbakkaloglu, T. (2019). Recycled plastic. In New Trends in Eco-efficient and Recycled Concrete (pp. 59--85). Woodhead Publishing.