Faculty Profile for Dr. Beatriz Aldana Marquez

profile photo for Dr. Beatriz Aldana Marquez
Dr. Beatriz Aldana Marquez
Assistant Professor — Sociology
UAC 449
phone: (512) 245-2113

Selected Scholarly/Creative Work

  • Aldana Marquez, B. (2018). Shift in Social Character: Charro Cultural Representations in Mexican Popular Culture. Studies in Latin American Popular Culture, 36, 30–46.
  • Aldana Marquez, B. (2017). The Effects of Hacienda Culture on the Gendered Division of  Labor within the Charro Community. Gender Issues, 34, 3–22.
  • Aldana Marquez, B., & Moore, W. L. (2017). Including exclusion: the enduring  problematic gap between the race and ethnicity paradigms, 40(13), 2249–2255.
  • Williams, A. A., & Aldana Marquez, B. (2015). The Lonely Selfie King: The Lonely Selfie King: Selfies and the Conspicuous Prosumption of Gender and Race. The International Journal of Communication, 9, 1775–1785.