Faculty Profile for Dr. David F Snyder

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Dr. David F Snyder
Associate Professor — Mathematics
MCS 484
phone: (512) 245-3419

Biography Section

Biography and Education

(1988) Ph.D. UTK
(1988-current). Faculty at Texas State University (tenured in 1995).

Research Interests

Topology of Manifolds and Homology Manifolds
Decompositions of Manifolds and Complexes
Formal Representations in Topology
Applied Topology and Applied Algebraic Topology
Combinatorial Topology

Selected Scholarly/Creative Work

  • Snyder, D. F. (2006). Combinatorial Barycentric Subdivision and Characters of Simplicial Two-Complexes. Am. Math. Monthly, 113, 822–827.
  • Snyder, D. F. (2006). Analysis of Topological Persistence in Data Sets. ECommons.
  • Snyder, D. F. (2004). Algebra in Respiratory Care. Coll. Math. J, 35, 300–302.
  • Snyder, D. F. (2003). Lefschetz numbers for sheaf-trivial proper surjections. Topology Appl, 128, 239–246.
  • Snyder, D. F. (2003). Circles everywhere! Math Explorer, 6(2), 5–6.

Selected Grants

  • Snyder, David F, Korn, Michael. Towards the modeling of dendrimers, Texas State University, $16000. (Funded: 2001). Grant.
  • Snyder, David F. REP: Sheaf Theoretic Methods in Geometric Topology, Texas State University, $4000. (Funded: 1996). Grant.
  • Snyder, David F, Lipperman, D.Z.. REP: Towards Quantitative Literacy, Texas State University, $13370. (Funded: 1994). Grant.
  • Snyder, David F, Lipperman, D.Z.. REP: Decomposition spaces which are not generalized manifolds, Texas State University, $5761. (Funded: 1992). Grant.
  • Snyder, David F (Principal), Tamir, Dan (Supporting), Thickstun, Thomas L (Supporting). Online Resource Grant Proposal: Springer Journal Backfile Upgrade, Alkek Library, Texas State University, $30726. (Submitted: February 16, 2017, Funded: March 20, 2017 - Present). Grant.

Selected Service Activities

Hiring Committee for Asst. Prof. in Topology
October 23, 2017-Present
Calculus 1 Teachers' Forum
June 1, 2017-Present
Math Department Curriculum Committee
September 1, 2016-Present
College of Science Curriculum Committee
September 1, 2016-Present
Topology Seminar
September 1, 2016-Present