Faculty Profile for Dr. Qingkai Yu

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Dr. Qingkai Yu
Associate Professor — Ingram School of Engineering
IGRM 2203
phone: (512) 245-1826

Selected Scholarly/Creative Work

  • Yu, Q. (2019). Extrinsic Green Photoluminescence from the Edges of 2D Cesium Lead Halides. Advanced Materials, 31, 1902492.
  • Yu, Q. (2019). Revealing the Origin of Luminescence Center in 0D Cs4PbBr6 Perovskite. Chemistry of Materials, 31, 9098.
  • Yu, Q. (n.d.). Multi-color Reversible Photochromisms via Tunable Light-Dependent Responses. Matter.
  • Yu, Q. (2018). How Low Nucleation Density of Graphene on CuNi Alloy is Achieved. ADVANCED SCIENCE, 5, 1700961.
  • Yu, Q. (2018). High-quality graphene directly grown on Cu nanoparticles for Cu-graphene nanocomposites. MATERIALS & DESIGN, 139, 181.

Selected Awards

  • Award / Honor Recipient: Presidential Distinction Awards, College of Science and Engineering, Texas State University. 2016
  • Award / Honor Recipient: Best Poster of Graduate Research Conference, Electrical and Computer Engineering in University of Houston. 2006
  • Award / Honor Recipient: Sigma Xi Graduate Engineering Honorable Mention. 2006
  • Award / Honor Recipient: Research Assistantship, China Institute of Atomic Energy, University of Michigan, and University of Houston. 1996 - 2006

Selected Grants

  • Yu, Qingkai (Principal). Tokyo Electro Ltd., $78000. (Funded: 2015). Grant.
  • Yu, Qingkai. X-ray diffraction system for advanced materials analysis in research and education. (Funded: 1925). Grant.
  • Yu, Qingkai. Developing Graphene foil Technology for Instruments Targeting Low-Energy Ring Cu, NASA, Federal, $119607. (Funded: 2019 - 2022). Grant.
  • Yu, Qingkai. MRI: Acquisition of an Aerosol Jet 3D Printing System for Flexible Electronic Circuits, Additive Manufacturing and Material Development, $264128. (Funded: September 1, 2016 - August 31, 2019). Grant.
  • Yu, Qingkai (Principal). Producing high quality graphene foils for space plasma instruments, $24854.03. (Funded: September 1, 2016 - August 31, 2017). Grant.

Selected Service Activities

BSME Advisory Team
April 2020-Present
Reviewer / Referee
ACS Applied Nano Materials
April 2020-Present
Reviewer / Referee
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics
November 15, 2013-Present
Reviewer / Referee
Chemical Physics Letters
July 30, 2013-Present
Reviewer / Referee
Scientific Report
June 22, 2013-Present