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Dr. Ravi Droopad
Professor — Ingram School of Engineering
RFM 5202
phone: (512) 245-1826

Biography Section

Research Interests

Materials Science, Semiconductors and Epitaxial Oxides

Selected Scholarly/Creative Work

  • Tang, K., Droopad, R., & McIntyre, P. (2018). Bias temperature stress induced hydrogen depassivation from Al2O3/InGaAs interface defects. Journal of Applied Physics, 123(2), 25708.
  • Arias, A., Nedev, N., Ghose, S., Rojas-Ramirez, J., & Droopad, R. (2018). Structural, Optical, and Electrical Characterization of beta-Ga2O3 Thin Films Grown by Plasma-Assisted Molecular Beam Epitaxy Suitable for UV Sensing. ADVANCES IN MATERIALS SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING.
  • Farshchian, B., Gatabi, J. R., Bernick, S. M., Lee, G.-H., Droopad, R., & Kim, N. (2018). Scaling and mechanism of droplet arrays formation on a laser-patterned PDMS with a superhydrophobic grid. Colloids and Surfaces A, 547, 49–55.
  • Droopad, R., Ghose, S., Rahman, S., Rojas-Ramirez, J., Jin, H., Park, K., … Hong, L. (2017). Growth and characterization of Ga2O3 thin films by molecular beam epitaxy for deep-UV photodetectors. Journal of Applied Physics, 122, 095302.
  • Droopad, R., Hong, L., Bhatnagar, K., Klie, R., & Ogut, S. (2017). Atomic-scale structural and electronic properties of SrTiO3/GaAs interfaces: A combined STEM-EELS and first-principles study. Physical Review B, 96, 035311.

Selected Awards

  • Award / Honor Recipient: Alpha Chi Favorite Professor. 2016 - Present
  • Award / Honor Recipient: Senior Member, Institute of Electrical and Electrical Engineers. 2006

Selected Grants

  • Holtz, Mark W (Principal), Chen, Yihong (Supporting), Geerts, Wilhelmus J (Supporting), Droopad, Ravindranath (Supporting), Li, Jian (Co-Principal), Myers, Thomas H (Supporting), Piner, Edwin L (Supporting), Theodoropoulou, Nikoleta (Supporting), Zakhidov, Alexander (Supporting). System of Integrated Characterization of Electronic Devices and Materials, U.S. AFOSR, Federal, $332086. (Funded: August 15, 2017 - August 14, 2018). Grant.
  • Droopad, Ravindranath (Principal). Tri-Alpha Energy, $31050. (Funded: 2016). Grant.
  • Droopad, Ravindranath (Principal). KANC: III-V Compound Semiconductor Epi Structures Development, $25000. (Funded: 2016). Grant.
  • Droopad, Ravindranath (Principal). KNU: III-V Compound Semiconductor Epi Structures Development, $25000. (Funded: 2016). Grant.
  • Droopad, Ravindranath (Principal). Tri-Alpha Energy, $31050. (Funded: 2015). Grant.

Selected Service Activities

Personnel Committee, Engineering
Materials Research Society
Reviewer / Referee
IEEE Electron Device Letters
Reviewer / Referee
Applied Physics Letters
Reviewer / Referee
Journal of Crystal Growth