Faculty Profile for Dr. Audwin L Anderson

profile photo for Dr. Audwin L Anderson
Dr. Audwin L Anderson
Associate Professor — Sociology
Associate Professor — Center for Diversity and Gender Studies
UAC 449A
phone: (512) 245-2361

Selected Scholarly/Creative Work

  • Fox, K. J., Anderson, A. L., Carson, J. A., Furness, S., Nielsen, E. A., Westerlund, J. F., & Holmes, D. J. (2016). Common Reading Program Faculty Guide 2016-17 – “What It Is Like to Go to War.” (C. S. Marquiss, Ed.).
  • Fox, K. J., Hammett, C. A., Bohn, M., Martinez, S. M., … Anderson, A. L. (2015). Common Reading Program Instructor’s Guide 2015-16 – “…y no se lo trago la tierra . . . And the Earth Did Not Devour Him.” (T. Marquiss, Ed.).
  • Majumdar, D., & Anderson, A. (2008). Peer Influence on African American and White Adolescents: An Investigation Using Contraceptive Behavior and Efficacy. International Review of Modern Sociology, 34, 161–179.
  • Anderson, A. L., & South, D. (2007). The Academic Experiences of African American Collegiate Athletes:  Implications for Policy and Practice. In D. Brooks & R. Althouse (Eds.), Diversity and Social Justice in College Sports (pp. 77–94). Fitness Information Technology.
  • Hall, L. D., & Anderson, A. L. (2001). Equal Protection and Racial Exclusion. In D. Peck & N. Dolch (Eds.), Extraordinary Behavior (pp. 200–212). Praeger Press.

Selected Awards

  • Award / Honor Recipient: Phi Kappa Phi, Favorite Professors Award. 2015
  • Award / Honor Recipient: , Non-Traditional Student Organization Teaching Award. 2014
  • Award / Honor Recipient: Excellence in Teaching Award College of Liberal Arts. 2003

Selected Grants

  • Anderson, Audwin (Co-Principal), Mankad, Vipul (Co-Principal), Yang, Yin-Ming (Co-Principal), Cepeda, Manuel (Principal). Community Partnership Demonstration Grant, National Institute of Health, Federal, $39363. (Funded: 1991). Grant.
  • Anderson, Audwin (Principal). Social Integration on Campus: Ethnic Groups and Some Related Factors, The Office for Minority Affairs, Southwest Texas State University, Institutional (Higher Ed). (Funded: May 1985). Grant.
  • Anderson, Audwin (Co-Principal), Majumdar, Debarun (Co-Principal). Research Enhancement Grant: Disparity in the Distribution of Economic Growth, Institutional (Higher Ed), $10890. (Submitted: 2003). Grant.
  • Anderson, Audwin (Principal). USA Biomedical Research Support Grant: Social Environment, Family Stress and Pediatric Growth and Development Outcomes, Institutional (Higher Ed), $9920. (Submitted: 1992). Grant.
  • Anderson, Audwin (Co-Principal), Waselkov, Gregory (Co-Principal), Smith, Marvin (Co-Principal). Archaeology for Young Scholars at Old Mobile, National Science Foundation, Federal, $10000. (Submitted: 1991). Grant.

Selected Service Activities

Latino/a/Multicultural Tenure Track committee
November 2017-Present
Diversity workshops for Graduate student in Dept. of Physics
August 2017-Present
Liberal Arts Graduate Scholarship Committee
January 2017-Present
African American Studies Minor Feasibility Group
October 2016-Present
Faculty Development
October 2016-Present