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Dr. Lupita Limage Montesinos
Senior Lecturer — Dept of World Languages & Literatures
CENT 214
phone: (512) 245-8608

Biography Section

Biography and Education

Lupita Limage Montesinos. Sr. Lecture at World Languages and Literatures. Ph.D. from the University of Texas. Masters of Spanish and Portuguese from the University of Missouri, Columbia. A Bachelor of Business Administration and Spanish Literature from the University of Missouri, Columbia. Certificate from the University of Noba Lisboa.

Teaching Interests

I like work activities that assist others and promote learning and personal development. I like to communicate with others: to teach, give and receive advise, help, or otherwise be of service to others.
In addition, I am always striving to be an effective educator and have the ability to impart knowledge and learn from my students.
Always eager to improve on my communication and listening skills such as having the ability to constructively express verbal, writing, visual, and body language cues together with the capacity to convert ideas into students understandable structures that will deliver knowledge with superior results; friendly attitude towards my students to make me more approachable, patient and willing to understand each of my individual students; strong work ethic conducting myself with professionalism, responsibility and preparation; organization skills to know where my students stand and be ready to begin the class with lessons that are effective in enhancing my students learning; preparation: having already the teaching plan and material prepared for my students.

Teaching during the pandemic:

What happened when, with hardly any warning I had to halt my classes in the middle of the Spring semester (late march) and I was instructed to switch from the familiar face-to-face teaching to the alien screen-to-screen format. Transitioning the courses from in person to online was a lot of work, compounded by the stress of the pandemic and being confined to the house. Despite that added workload and stress, I found the work rewarding and challenging in a way I did not anticipate. It forced me to be more creative, and accelerated it and pushed it in new directions.
It taught me that personalized learning is the centerpiece of instruction. The shift to remote and hybrid instructions have given me an opportunity to deepen my commitment to learner-centered approaches and build new strategies that will continue to be applied once all students are able to return to school buildings at full capacity. Pedagogically, it has been an exciting time. In addition, COVID 19 have made me more flexible to account for my student's individual situations and limitations at home.

Research Interests

Research of Native Tribes of Province, Manabi, Ecuador.

Research of Latin American Novel from the 20's - 90's

Selected Scholarly/Creative Work

  • Limage Montesinos, L. (2019, April). “Cancion de cuna”  and “A mis ninos.” Al Principio. Sigma Delta PI.
  • Montesinos, L. J. (2018, May). Al Principio. San Marcos, Texas, United States: Sigma Delta PI - Epsilon Beta.

Selected Awards

  • Award / Honor Nominee: Favorite Professor, The Alfred H. Nolle Chapter of the Alpha Chi National Honor Society. January 16, 2018 - May 14, 2018

Selected Service Activities

Bulletin Board
January 2019-December 2019
Bobcat Bond Program
January 2019-December 2019
Texas Faculty Association
January 2019-December 2019
Bobcat Bond Program
January 2019-December 2019
Vice President
Texas Faculty Association
January 2019-December 2019