Faculty Profile for Dr. Elizabeth Erhart

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Dr. Elizabeth Erhart
Chair - Professor — Anthropology
ELA 266
phone: (512) 245-3435

Selected Scholarly/Creative Work

  • Erhart, E. M., Tecot, S. R., & Grassi, C. (2018). Interannual variation in diet, dietary diversity and dietary overlap in three sympatric strepsirhine species in southeastern Madagascar. International Journal of Primatology.
  • Tecot, S. R., Jacobs, R. L., Baden, A. L., & Erhart, E. M. (2014). Reproductive physiology and behaviour in Eulemur. International Journal of Primatology, 35, 416.
  • Erhart, E. M. (2014). Review of Primates of the World: An Illustrated Guide [Review of Primates of the World: An Illustrated Guide, by J.-J. Peter]. (R. Martin, Trans.), American Journal of Physical Anthropology.
  • Hamilton, M. D., & Erhart, E. M. (2012). Anthropology of poaching: cultural motives for animal harvesting and forensic techniques to aid in the recovery and preservation of evidence. In J. Huffman & J. Wallace (Eds.), Wildlife Forensics: Techniques and Applications (pp. 65–80). New York: Wiley-Blackwell.
  • Wright, P. C., Erhart, E. M., Tecot, S. R., Baden, A. L., Arrigo-Nelson, S. J., Herrera, J., … Zody, S. (2012). Long-term lemur research at Centre ValBio, Ranomafana National Park, Madagascar. In P. Kappler & D. Watts (Eds.), Long-term Field Studies of Primates (pp. 67–100). Berlin: Springer-Verlag.

Selected Awards

  • Award / Honor Recipient: Liberal Arts Service Award, Assistant Professor Level. 2006

Selected Grants

  • Erhart, E. M. (Principal). Habitat disturbance and population density of the primate species of southeastern Mexico, Research Enhancement Grant, Texas State University, $8000. (Funded: 2008). Grant.
  • Erhart, E. M. (Principal). Group size, habitat use and population density of black howler monkeys (Alouatta pigra) and black-handed spider monkeys (Ateles geoffroyi yucantanensis) in the Montes Azules Biosphere Reserve, Research Enhancement Grant, Texas State University, $7489.90. (Funded: 2004). Grant.
  • Overdorff, D. J. (Co-Principal), Erhart, E. M. (Co-Principal). The evolution of female dominance and feeding priority in lemurid primates, National Science Foundation, Private / Foundation / Corporate, $233453. (Funded: 2000). Grant.

Selected Service Activities

Marketable Skills committee
Council of Chairs representative on the General Education Council
Chair Member for Liberal Arts
College Review Group
Planning team for the proposed PhD in Anthropology
Liberal Arts Study Abroad Advisory Council