Faculty Profile for Dr. Kevin W McCurdy

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Dr. Kevin W McCurdy
Professor — Dept of Health & Human Performance
JOW A152
phone: (512) 245-7137

Selected Scholarly/Creative Work

  • Fisher, S. R., Rigby, J. H., Mettler, J. A., & McCurdy, K. W. (n.d.). Photobiomodulation therapy is more effective than cryotherapy for skeletal muscle recovery: A critically appraised topic. Journal of Sport Rehabilitation.
  • McCurdy, K. W., & Walker, J. L. (2018). Gluteus maximus and hamstring activation during selected resistance exercises. Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, 32(3), 594–601.
  • McCurdy, K. (2017). Technique, Variation, and Progression of the Rear-Foot-Elevated Split Squat. Strength and Conditioning Journal, 39(6), 93–97.
  • McCurdy, K., Walker, J., & Yuen, D. (n.d.). Gluteus maximus and hamstring activation during selected weight-bearing exercises.
  • McCurdy, K., Langford, G., Macera, T., Wiley, L., Walters, S., & Lydic, T. (2016). The relationship among measures of upper-body power in division II women softball players. Applied Research in Coaching and Athletics Annual, 23, 68–83.

Selected Awards

  • Award / Honor Nominee: Dean Nominee for the Presidential Award for Excellence in Scholarly / Creative Activities 2012. January 1, 2012
  • Award / Honor Nominee: Dean Nominee for the Presidential Award for Excellence in Scholarly / Creative Activities. January 1, 2011
  • Award / Honor Recipient: Bronze Award, Hosting the Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist Certification Exam, National Strength and Conditioning Association. January 1, 2009
  • Award / Honor Nominee: COE nomination for the Presidential Excellence Award in Scholarly / Creative Activities. January 1, 2009
  • Award / Honor Recipient: Graduating Student Recognition of Campus Support program, Nominated by 8 students as a teacher that made a contribution to their academic career. January 1, 2008 - January 1, 2009

Selected Grants

  • McAllister, Matthew J, McCurdy, Kevin W. Impact of Moderate and High Intensity Resistance Exercise on Postprandial Oxidative Stress, $14080. (Submitted: October 2018, Funded: January 2019 - Present). Grant.
  • McCurdy, Kevin (Principal). Effects of High Volume, Low Intensity, Multi-set Squat Protocol on Power Outputs, COE, Texas State University, $500. (Submitted: November 1, 2016). Grant.
  • McCurdy, Kevin (Principal). Comparison of hamstring and gluteal muscle activation patterns during resistance exercises, College of Education, Institutional (Higher Ed), $6000. (Submitted: December 1, 2015, Funded: January 1, 2016 - December 1, 2016). Grant.
  • Pankey, R.B. (Co-Principal), McCurdy, Kevin (Co-Principal), Knudson, D. (Co-Principal). Computer Technology Upgrades for Biomechanics/Sports Medicine Laboratory in the Department of HHP, Internal Student Computing Resources (SCR) grant for the purchase of hardware and software, Institutional (Higher Ed), $10244. (Submitted: January 1, 2011). Grant.
  • Williams, J. (Co-Principal), McCurdy, Kevin (Co-Principal). Effects of Different Types of Exercise on Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor, Research Enhancement Grant, Texas State University, Institutional (Higher Ed), $16000. (Submitted: 2009). Grant.

Selected Service Activities

Mentor Committee Matt McAlister
August 15, 2018-Present
National Strength and Conditioning Association Certification Committee
July 12, 2018-Present
Mentor Committee Missy Frasier
January 15, 2018-Present
College Review Group
January 15, 2018-Present
Reviewer / Referee
Strength and Conditioning Journal
March 2017-Present