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Dr. Lucia Summers Rodriguez
Associate Professor — School of Criminal Justice
Program Faculty — School of Criminal Justice
HINE 124
phone: (512) 245-2389

Biography Section

Biography and Education

Lucia Summers is an Assistant Professor in the School of Criminal Justice at Texas State University. Her research interests include the spatio-temporal patterns of crime, offender spatial decision making, and situational crime prevention. Lucia received her PhD in criminology from University College London in 2012.

Teaching Interests

Research methods, statistics, environmental criminology, crime analysis

Research Interests

Environmental criminology, offender situational decision making, geographic analysis of crime, situational crime prevention

Selected Scholarly/Creative Work

  • Summers, L., & Rossmo, D. K. (2019). Offender interviews: Implications for intelligence-led policing. Policing: An International Journal, 42(1), 31–42.
  • Summers, L., & Guerette, R. (2018). The individual perspective. In G. J. N. Bruinsma & S. D. Johnson (Eds.), Oxford handbook of environmental criminology (pp. 84–104). Oxford: Oxford University Press. https://doi.org/10.1093/oxfordhb/9780190279707.013.3
  • Mletzko, D., Summers, L., & Arnio, A. N. (2018). Spatial patterns of urban sex trafficking. Journal of Criminal Justice, 58, 87–96. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.jcrimjus.2018.07.008
  • Summers, L., & Johnson, S. D. (2017). Does the configuration of the street network influence where outdoor serious violence takes place? Using space syntax to test crime pattern theory. Journal of Quantitative Criminology, 33(2), 397–420. https://doi.org/10.1007/s10940-016-9306-9
  • Summers, L., & Caballero, M. (2017). Spatial conjunctive analysis of case configurations: Using Monte Carlo methods for significance testing. Applied Geography, 84, 55–63. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.apgeog.2017.05.002

Selected Awards

  • Award / Honor Recipient: Alpha Chi Favorite Professor, Texas State University. 2018
  • Award / Honor Recipient: Alpha Chi Favorite Professor, Texas State University. 2015
  • Award / Honor Nominee: Dean Nominee for the Presidential Award for Excellence in Teaching (Assistant Professor/Instructor/Lecturer), Texas State University. 2015
  • Award / Honor Recipient: 2014 College (of Applied Arts at Texas State University) Achievement Award for the Presidential Award for Excellence in Scholarly/Creative Activities. $1,000 awarded. 2014
  • Award / Honor Nominee: Dean Nominee for the Presidential Award for Excellence in Teaching (college-level internal award), Texas State University. 2013

Selected Grants

  • Summers, Lucia. Conference travel award, Texas State University, $800. (Funded: October 2014). Grant.
  • Rossmo, Kim (Principal), Summers, Lucia (Co-Principal). Offender Decision-Making: Decision Trees and Displacement, National Institute of Justice, Federal, $377528. (Funded: January 2013 - December 2017). Grant.
  • Summers, Lucia. Budget allocation for the University of London Sub Aqua Club, University of London, Institutional (Higher Ed), $23580. (Funded: September 2010). Grant.

Selected Service Activities

Graduate Advisor
November 2018-Present
Reviewer / Referee
October 2018-Present
Reviewer / Referee
Journal of Applied Statistics
September 2018-Present
MSCJ Research Track Committee
August 2018-Present
“CJ Student Research” TRACS project site
February 2017-Present