Faculty Profile for Dr. J D Jamieson

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Dr. J D Jamieson
Professor — School of Criminal Justice
HINE 133
phone: (512) 245-3346

Biography Section

Biography and Education

Native born Texan, but moved all over the USA in an FBI family.
Dumb jock type in high school, good grades anyway.
Economics degree at a snooty college.
US Army counterintelligence agent
Played rugby in grad school, earned a PhD anyway,(4.0 gpa).

Teaching Interests

Comparative CJ
Intro to CJ
CJ in Southeast Asia

Research Interests

Accountability in research

Selected Scholarly/Creative Work

  • Jamieson, J. D. (2018). The Phlogiston File: The Future of Research in the Social and Behavioral Sciences. In The Official Newsletter of the Western Society of Criminology (Spring, 2018, pp. 9–10). The Western Society of Criminology.
  • McCaghy, C., Capron, T., Jamieson, J. D., & Carey, S. (2016). Deviant Behavior: Crime, Conflict, and Interest Groups, 8th edition, revised. New York: Routledge.
  • Jamieson, J. D. (2015). Social Scientists’ Repetition Compulsion. Chronicle of Higher Education.
  • Vandiver, D., & Jamieson, J. D. (2014). The Roles of International Justice Organizations. In S. Kethineni (Ed.), Comparative and International Policing, Justice, and Transnational Crime, 2nd edition. Durham, NC: Carolina Academic Press.
  • Mijares, T. C., & Jamieson, J. D. (2012). The Legacy of a Failed Negotiation: The Case History of Downs v. United States. In T. C. Mijares & R. McCarthy (Eds.), Significant Tactical Police Cases. Springfield, IL: Charles C Thomas.

Selected Awards

  • Award / Honor Nominee: Faculty Award for Teaching. 2016
  • Award / Honor Recipient: Teaching Award, School of Applied Arts and Technology. 2010
  • Award / Honor Recipient: Faculty Award for Teaching, School of Applied Arts and Technology. 2007
  • Award / Honor Recipient: Faculty Award for Service, School of Applied Arts and Technology. 2006
  • Award / Honor Recipient: Faculty Award for Scholarship, School of Applied Arts and Technology. 2005

Selected Grants

  • Perkinds, David B., Jamieson, Jay D. The Texas Fair Defense Act: Progress Since 2002, Texas State University Research Enhancement Grant Program, Texas State University. (Funded: January 2003 - Present). Grant.
  • Becker, Ronald, Jamieson, Jay D. Testing Performance of Public Safety Divers Using Nitrox Breathing Mixture, SWT Research Enhancement Grant Program. (Funded: March 1998 - Present). Grant.
  • Copus, Gary, Jamieson, Jay D, Pugh, Michael. Criminal Justice Division, Office of the Governor, State of Texas, National Employment Listing Service (NELS) for the Criminal Justice System, State. (Funded: 1976 - Present). Grant.

Selected Service Activities

Committee to review applications for grants from the Honorary Professor of International Studies (HPIS) Fund and the Wilson Latin American (WLA) Fund.
January 2018-Present
Classroom teaching evaluations
School of Criminal Justice
January 2018-Present
Faculty Governance Committee
January 2016-Present
Recreational Sports Advisory Committee
January 1988-Present
Associate Editor
Deviant Behavior